Three Strategies To Attract 3-5 Quality Clients Every Month (Without Selling)


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If you really want to start attracting high value clients who pay more and refer other high value clients then you need to address three critical areas of your marketing...  

  •  Your Pricing & Packaging Strategies  

If you price like a pauper then you attract bargain basement clients. High Quality Clients expect to pay high quality fees and are excited by high value packages that tell them what outcome to expect.  

  • Your Referral Strategies  

You don’t have them do you? You rely on random leads that are unpredictable and vary in quality. Having a systematic referral system means you can actually predict and control the volume and quality.  

  • Your Messaging Strategies

Telling everyone you are an accountant/advisor and then listing all your services does not attract high quality clients. Because this is the same message as every other accountant. How appealing would a cafe be if the menu just listed the ingredients they offered?

"We have just completed our 2nd campaign, at present we have a 10 fold ROI and growing" - Brad Gunn, Vault Group, Brisbane

"We have had a healthy growth in ongoing clients over the last 6 months and the traction we are recieving with new clients is that by "bundling" our product SCREAMING the difference - this has has had a big part to play (About a 20% lift in the last 6 months). - Gavin Waring, Your Business Angels, Melbourne

What Richard will share with you has previously only been taught to our clients, but now he is going to share some of these gold nuggets with you that will enable you to build a client attraction system that is easy to manage and is guaranteed to get results!

"Selling makes us look cheap and drives the best clients away, Richard Petrie’s ‘invisible selling systems’ subtly attract the best clients while positioning accountants like me as the ‘In Demand' expert". 

"This is very different to anything you have ever been taught before. You will not learn his stuff anywhere else!" 

David Femia, Femia Accountants

"Time is a valuable recourse in our line of work and having a system that consistently delivers me high value leads in the back ground while I deliver what I do best can not be praised enough". 

The most advantagous part about Richards teachings is that these strategies can be turned off and on like a tap and are simple to manage." 

Cameron McGregor - McGregor Bailey Advisors

"I absolutely loved this webinar and cannot speak highly enough of the value and wealth of information Richard & Darren share during the presentation."

"Most webinars are 60 minutes of the hosts telling you their story followed by 10 minutes of vague education - these guys do the opposite and definitely over deliver!

Scott Kay - Integrity Plus Accountants




Why traditional marketing does not work for accountants - (It has nothing to do with where you advertise)

✅ How to change your message so that your audience instantly separates you from the competition and starts chasing you  

✅ A Referral Strategy that will quadruple the quality leads you get and also systemise them so you can predict when they come in.  

✅ Examples of what successful pricing and packaging looks like and why you should stop using industry terms like "Tax Planning" Immediately!  

✅ Live examples of accounting firms who have adopted these strategies after attending this webinar and the results they are getting.

Webinar Is Thursday, January 24th 2019

1:00pm - 2:30pm (Sydney/Melbourne)


Why You're Not Building The Rewarding Practice You Deserve!

  • Promoting What You Do: Your website looks the same (+ or - 10% ) and has the same content, so prospects are driven to choosing based on price (usually the cheapest)
  • Poor Follow Up: You stop following up with a prospect after 1 or 2 attempts, leaving the prospect to go elsewhere. 
  • No Referral Marketing: You have no deliberate referral strategy that will deliver high quality new clients without having to "Pay" or "Bribe" someone! Stop relying on random referrals that could dry up at any time.

This is a live online event. You only have one chance to join us LIVE. We start in. . .



Richard Petrie - Author, Speaker, Trainer

...and Creator of the"FISH Client Attraction System For Accountants"

Former International Cricketer, Richard has been helping accountants around the world for over 12 years by sharing his experience on how to attract leads and convert them into high paying advisory clients.  

Richard is the author of What To Do If Your Marketing Sucks and is regularly sought after as a guest speaker at corporate events.  

Richard has spent years studying the psychology of how and why people buy and in this webinar he will show you exactly what works and why.  

You will love what he has to say.  

All Attendees Will Be Sent The Client Attraction Success Pack!

The Client Attraction Pack Is Just For Accountants And Includes:

  • Richard Petrie's, "Seven Step FISH Marketing System" Flowchart
  • The Secret Of The Monkeys Fist List Generation Strategy
  • The Dirty 30 Referral Generation System

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