Richard Petrie Presents

A Three-Part Video Series That Proves...

Traditional Marketing Does Not Work For The Accounting Industry And How Everything You Think You Know Or Have Ever Been Told About Marketing... Is Wrong!

1. what doesnt work from richard on Vimeo.

Video One: (Watch Now)

Richard runs you through the types of traditional marketing strategies that simply do not work for the accounting industry. Richard also proves without any doubt why they fail and why you are not getting the quality leads you deserve.

Video Two:

Why selling the problems you solve instead of the services you offer will generate 10x more leads and attract more high quality clients than you ever thought possible. This is the most revealing 7 minutes of marketing gold you will ever see!

Video Three:

See real live examples of lead generation strategies and the results they are getting. In this video Darren will show you some of the results that others have got since implementing the strategies Richard presented in the previous videos.

About Richard

Former International cricketer for NZ, Richard has spent the last 14 years studying and developing marketing strategies for professional services. He has over 12,000 professionals across the world using all or part of his strategies to grow their own fortunes. His referral marketing strategies alone are simplistic gold mines and he is the author of What To Do If Your Marketing Sucks!” Richard is a sought after speaker and presenter with one of his recent engagements being at Deloitte NZ where he was asked to talk about mental toughness and resilience. 

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